Chair of law support in agrarian industrial complex

Address: Kirova str.,160, administrative building, classroom 109.

Email of the department:

The Head of the Department: Ph.D., assistant professor of legal support agribusiness, Kuznetsova M.U.

General information

The Chair of Law Support in Agrarian Industrial Complex was founded in the structure of the Department of Economics of Sumy Argicultural Institute in June 1995 by detaching from the Chair of Management and Law in the sphere of AIC. In 1998 a new specialty

“Science of Law” (with the level of accreditation – “associate of science”), which was defined as a separate Law Department of the University in 2000, was opened on the basis of the Department of Economics. The Chair of the Law Support in AIC was included in the Department.

The basic task of the Chair has always been the creation of the background for the training of specialists with the profound special skills and knowledge of innovative character, with certain experience of implementation of the new knowledge used to solve the problematic professional tasks of the Agrarian Industrial Complex, bringing them up to date.

Organization and instruction, scientific work with post- graduate students and students of the faculty are conducted by Ph.D. in law, associate professor, honoured lawyer of Ukraine A.V. Serhejev, Doctor of Law Sciences, associate professor S.I.Zapara, assistant professor V.V. Strelnik, assistant professor T.M.Hres, assistant professor M.U. Kuznetsova, instructor S.V. Kaluzhna.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department is trained by studying on the post-graduate courses at the National University of law named after Yaroslav the Wize (V.V. Strelnik).

Teachers of the Chair train their students in the following subjects: environmental law, agrarian law, labor law, social protection law, farming of Ukraine, land tenure law, civil and family law, family law, the basis of legal advice bureau practice, legal documents in land tenure, law of intellectual property, obligatory law, land law, land process, housing law, legal investigation.

Every year students of the Department and teachers of the Chair of law support in AIC arrange scientific practical conferences, “round table” discussions, and master classes on different subjects in the sphere of law, such as:

– Contests of the students of the legal advice bureau on the basis of the laboratory of practical law “ The usefulness of the students’ work with the customers of the legal advice bureau”;

– “Round table” discussion on the subject “ Some Problems of Education in the Sphere of Law in Ukraine”;

– Seminar on the subject “ The Employment of Young Specialists” on the basis of the legal advice bureau;

– “Round table” discussion on the subject “ Legal Regulation of the Implementation of Genetically Modified Organisms”;

– Public listening of the project “ Conceptions of the development of higher legal education “;

– “Round table” discussion “Conscious citizen – powerful state”;

– Practical training for students and public as for legal protection of consumers on the subject “ Intelligent Consumer”;

– Training “ Psychological peculiarities when working with a client”.

The staff of the Chair:

Zapara Svitlana Ivanivna – Doctor of Law Sciences,professor

Serheiev Anatolii Viktorovych – Ph.D. in law, associate professor

– Strelnyk Viktoria Valeriivna – assistant professor

Hres‘ Natalia Mykolaivna – assistant professor

Kuznetsova Maryna Yuriivna – instructor of the department

– Kaluzhna Svitlana Viktorivna – instructor of the department

Scientific work

Basic directions of scientific investigation:

– To provide citizens and other subjects involved in land legal relations in the context of land and administrative territorial reform;

– To solve problems as for the formation of labour relations, connected with the solution of labour disputes;

– Ways to reform labour legislation;

– Liability for breakage for ecological offences;

– Agricultural service cooperation as a fraction of creation and development of infrastructure of the agrarian market, organizational legal aspects of regulation of production and realization of agricultural produce;

– Administrative legal relations in agriculture of Ukraine, property legal relations of private agricultural enterprises in Ukraine.

In 2013 taking into account the previous scientific results of the investigation, the staff of the Chair, headed by Ph.D. in law, associate professor S.I.Zapara, conducted scientific research as for the terms of Agreement to conduct the research by allotments, directed to the realization of scientific providing of the activity of the National service of mediation and reconciliation on the topic “ Elaboration of the Project of the Law of Ukraine “ About the System of Solving the Labour Disputes in Ukraine” ( State registration number 0113U656).

On the whole, for all time of operation the Chair has been completed 9 scientific investigations on various actual legal subjects due to the state budget, that indicates the high scientific theoretical level of investigations and their connection with practice.